ELLARRE BOUDOIR is a Luxury boudoir photography studio
located 30 miles west of Minneapolis, Minnesota.


/ ehl - ahr / noun;  
The fancy phonetic PRONUNCIATION of L R, the initials of founder Laura Robinson;

(because it sounds more like a swanky French word than boring initials.)

What we do


We believe that every woman deserves to be celebrated, cherished and shown just how beautiful and unique she really is.  What we do is so much more than just "take pictures".  We provide a luxury boudoir photography experience through pampering, expert posing, award-winning photography, and heirloom products that will stand the test of time. 

Our clients want more than just someone with a camera, they want trusted friend who will create an incredible experience.  They trust us to capture their unique beauty, while showcasing their femininity, sensuality, grace and strength.

In a world where the "perfect woman" is merely a composite of a Photoshop master's imagination, Ellarre Boudoir exists to show women of all ages and sizes how beautiful they really are, without over-the-top manipulation.  Laura draws from many years of experience in working with brides of all shapes and sizes to create stunning imagery through the use of soft light and flattering, directed movement and posing.

Our studio is an all-women team and is dedicated to creating an exceptional experience for all of our beautiful clients.  We are passionate about creating an unforgettable experience in an environment of acceptance, self-confidence, pampering and beauty. 


Laura Robinson

Founder + Award-Winning Photographer


Our Team

Principal Photographer | Laura
Hair + Makeup | Priscilla
Post-Production | Lauren
Studio Design | Krystal