You have questions, we have answers. 
Check out the frequently asked questions below. 

What is your experience in photographing boudoir?

Laura has been an award-winning wedding and portrait photographer for over 7 years.  Due to the demand by clients to offer a boudoir experience as an add-on to wedding collections, Ellarre Boudoir was born.  As we continue to portfolio-build over the coming months, the session fees will be reduced and a model call opportunity will be available as well.  Laura's years of experience behind the camera and posing women of all shapes and sizes is a perfect segue to offering this unique, luxury boudoir photography experience.

How will you protect my privacy?

We will never, EVER, EVER, share your personal information outside of our studio.  EVER.  And we will only ever share images based on a signed model release.

The only people who will be in the studio during your session will be you and Laura; our makeup artist will be on-site during your session prep, and will only stay if you are requesting an additional look.  The only people who will ever see your images before they are released to you are Laura and our head post-production editor, Lauren.

We will never share your images without a signed model release.  We do hope that you'll consider a partial or a full release of images; as a boudoir photography studio, it is important that we have beautiful, fresh images to share when possible (for the same reason you saw our photos and decided to book!).

We offer several options, including a full model release (yes, share all of my images!) and a limited release (such as "no face photos").  If you want your images kept 100% confidential, you are welcome to that option as well. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us and your trust is paramount. 

If you decide that a limited release or a full release is acceptable, we will be diligent in sharing with you the images we would like to share, before we share them, if requested.  In most cases, the images we would like to share under a partial release would be what we consider "anonymous" images (images where you are not easily identifiable) -- you will always control your images.

Please note, that if you decide to purchase digital files as part of your collection, we cannot guarantee your privacy -- once an image is on the internet, on Facebook or even sent over email, there is no way for us to guarantee your privacy.

Who will my photographer be?

Laura will ALWAYS be your photographer.  We do have other women on staff to help with hair + makeup, lighting, wardrobe, album design and more.  But Laura will always be the one to push the shutter and your experience will mostly revolve around interactions with her.  All of the other amazing women on our staff are also hand-picked by Laura and work under a strict confidentiality agreement.  

I have no idea how to "act sexy". HELP!

Some women are very confident in their skin.  Others may need a little assistance through directed posing and prompting.  Whatever your comfort level, we will always help you move and flow effortlessly.  It isn't your job to know how to look "just so" -- so no need to practice your pouty face in the mirror.  You will always receive one-on-one instruction and Laura will even show you just how to move to get the most flattering images.  Leave your worry behind and place your trust in our experience!

Where will my photo session take place?

We prefer to shoot at our studio, 30 minutes west of Minneapolis.  We are familiar with the natural light available, and have additional lighting systems available to us and set up in-studio.  However, we also realize that you may be more comfortable in your own home or at a favorite hotel.  We are more than happy to accommodate these locations as well for a small travel fee; for a hotel, you are also responsible for the room charge.

Do you have any weekend availability?

Yes, we have limited weekend availability options; however, these do book up quickly and may not be available for 2-3 months or longer.

What time of day do you offer sessions?

Our sessions are structured around a mid-morning start time.  This is when the light is optimal inside the studio.  

How long will my session last?

Plan for an estimated 3 hours for your complete boudoir experience.  We will begin with hair + makeup and then your photo session will take place over the next 2 hours or so.  You will also be able to change outfits as well for different "looks".  If you are interested in a custom, half or full-day experience with multiple locations, please contact us.

Is hair + makeup included in my session fee?

Most of our collections DO include hair and makeup!  Some a la carte sessions and mini sessions DO NOT include hair + makeup, but can be added for $150.  If you choose to do your own makeup or use another makeup artist, you'll want a heavier look, as the camera and lighting will not be as forgiving as your cell phone selfie with a filter.  Adding lashes is ALWAYS a good idea, as well as a lip color.  Nude lips do not photograph well.  We strongly suggest using our in-studio makeup artist, which IS INCLUDED in many of our standard, Signature Collections.

Do I need to bring my own lingerie and other wardrobe options?

Yes; at this time, we do not currently have a studio collection to choose your wardrobe from.  You are responsible for bringing your own lingerie, robes, shoes, jewelry, etc.  We are more than happy to assist you with picking out your wardrobe options ahead of time!  We also have a fabulous inspiration board on Pinterest to help you find inspiration on what to bring.  The best part - you still get to keep all of your beautiful pieces!

How soon will I see my images?

Your complete image collection will be available to view in-studio at your private Ordering Session.  Only basic color correction is applied to your images prior to your appointment.  No additional retouching is done to your images until after we've viewed them together and you've placed your order.  This includes skin smoothing, stray hairs, etc.  All print, album and wall art orders are fully retouched based on your specific feedback. 

Will my images be online?

Only with a signed full or partial ("anonymous") model release.  We take our clients' privacy VERY seriously.  See our privacy section above.

Do you offer sessions for couples or men?

Not at this time.  We have chosen to exclusively tailor our studio and our boudoir experience to women.  if you're looking for that service, we would be happy to recommend other photographer colleagues who would be able to serve you.

Will you photograph fine art nude images?

Our style does not revolve around nude images; if you're looking for that service, we would be happy to recommend other photographer colleagues who would be able to serve you.

How do I book my session?

Contact us using the link below.