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About Laura


Laura is an award-winning photographer based in Delano, MN. She has been exclusively photographing weddings and engagements for the past 8 years, where she has won numerous international awards and accolades for her work and has been published in local and national magazines and blogs, such as Minnesota Bride, Forever Bride, FEARLESS Photographers, Carats + Cake, Destination I Do Magazine, and more.

Laura first picked up a camera as an editor for her high-school newspaper in 2003.  She began photographing clients in 2011 and opened her first wedding photography studio in 2012.  Now relocated to downtown Delano, her studio has been fully converted into ELLARRE BOUDOIR, a luxurious haven for women of all shapes and sizes to experience a boudoir photography session and pampering, self-love, and empowerment.

Laura is a life-long Minnesotan, wife and mother and can be found with a coffee in hand at any hour of the day.  She is a third-generation small business owner and operates three separate brands.  Helping women discover their confidence, beauty and worth is something she is fiercely passionate about.