Model Call


THANK YOU for your interest in becoming an Ellarre Boudoir model (and by model, we mean beautiful real women, just like you!).  This is your chance to take a day to get pampered and do something you know you've always wanted to do.  Now is your chance!

As we grow our new brand, we are looking to photograph a variety of women to showcase this new style and experiment with posing and lighting techniques. That's where you come in, and we want to be completely up front with you about what we're looking for. 

You will be gently pampered by my amazing hair + makeup artist and guided into figure-flattering poses to look your very best. Bring your sexiest lingerie, your favorite heels, oversized sweaters, and most glamorous jewellery to be photographed in.  Leave the kids with the sitter, take a "sick day" and come do something nice just for you (or hubby).  These shoots will be done during the week for a limited time as we build a new portfolio of boudoir work, so reserve your spot today!