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Payment Options

When you are preparing to invest in your boudoir experience, we want to make sure you know what your options are for payment. We offer two options to help you make the best choice for you!

OPTION 1 — PRE-PAYMENT: Pay in full before your session; may also use a payment plan before your session (our “boudie bank account”) if you want to pay over time before your session. For pre-payments over $1500, we offer special bonus perks (some available only with pre-payment plan!)

OPTION 2 — PAY IN FULL AT YOUR VIEWING + ORDERING SESSION: On the day of your viewing + ordering session, you simply pay in full for your desired order.

ACCEPTED PAYMENT TYPES: Cash, Credit, or Debit Card (all major credit cards accepted). Paypay Credit may be another option available to you.

Payment in full must be received prior to ordering any products. For more details on pre-payment installment plans, please contact the studio.


Choosing to pre-pay for your collection ahead of your session comes with PERKS! Some are only available exclusively as pre-payment perks.

  • 1 Additional Outfit (+30min)

  • Shower Scene Upgrade

  • Night Scene Upgrade

  • Second Hair + Makeup Look

  • 1 Extra Album Spread

  • Lingerie fitting during Pre-Session Consult

  • Professional Headshots (5 fully retouched digital images)

  • 12 Month Mini-Desk Calendar

  • Retro Viewfinder

*May not choose multiples of the same bonus*

Pre-payment levels:

  • $1500 - Choose 1 Perk

  • $2500 - Choose 2 Perks

  • $3500 - Choose 3 Perks

  • $4000 + Up - Choose 5 Perks

For more details or to choose your pre-payment collection, contact the studio.

Pay in Full at Viewing + Ordering Session

If you choose not to prepay for a collection, your full invoice will be due at the time you place your order during your viewing + ordering appointment. We do not offer post-session payment plans.


Not sure which option is right for you? Contact the studio and we will walk you through your options.