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“I booked a session as a gift for my groom. But it turned out to be the most incredible gift for ME.”


Celebrating your unique beauty.

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YOU are uniquely beautiful, and this boudoir photography experience will showcase your beauty, style and personality. My clients are looking for elegant, intimate images that empower them to see their true beauty inside and out. I will personally will coach you through every single step, every pose, every flirty glance and sultry stare. You will be gently pampered by my amazing hair + makeup artist and guided into figure-flattering poses to look your very best. Bring your sexiest lingerie, your favorite heels, oversized sweaters, and most glamorous jewelry to be photographed in.  Leave the kids with the sitter, take a "sick day" and come do something nice just for you (or hubby).  Whether you book a session as a wedding/anniversary gift or as a badass, empowering self-love adventure… you are welcome here and we will have the BEST time together!

the Boudoir Experience:

  • Style Consultation

  • Bombshell boudoir portrait session

  • Expert head-to-toe posing

  • Up to 3 outfits

  • Professional hair + makeup, including lashes

  • Private viewing + ordering session

Image Rush Services Available



We offer curated Collections that our clients love, as well as a la carte
options that include little black books, luxury albums, digital image collections, mounted print sets and more. Options start at $550.